With HealthiestYou, you can connect with a doctor who can diagnose, treat, and prescribe over the phone 24/7/365. Using HealthiestYou can SAVE YOU TONS OF MONEY and no more time wasted in germ-filled waiting rooms or trying to schedule an appointment. Your spouse and dependents can use it too and there is no limit on the number of times called or the duration of each call.  You can seek care for general medicine (sinus infection, cold & flu, UTI, pink eye and more), as well as dermatology, back care and behavioral health. In addition, if you’re dealing with a difficult diagnosis or questioning your treatment plan, you can have your medical case reviewed for free by a leading expert. You can also get a second opinion on conditions such as cancer, orthopedic problems, digestive system issues, chronic illnesses, and more.

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HealthiestYou Website: member.healthiestyou.com

HealthiestYou Phone: (866) 703-1259
Best Doctors Expert Medical Opinion: (866) 904-0910
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CONDITIONS treated include

AllergiesPink EyeStrep Throat
Sore ThroatEaracheBronchitis
Upper Respiratory InfectionSinusitisUrinary Tract Infection
DermatologyBack CareBehavioral Health Care

And many more


1. Schedule an appointment: Call HealthiestYou, online, or through the app on your smartphone (see above for links to the app)

2. Provide your medical history

3. The call is scheduled with the appropriate doctor

4. Doctor reviews online your patient history, and then calls you for your appointment

If a prescription is required, it will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice