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How to Communicate the Benefits of Health Savings Arrangements  

We all know that Health Savings Arrangements are some of the best consumer products on the market today. The problem is: How can you effectively communicate the benefits of these accounts to the employee population?  

The possibilities are endless. Here’s a partial list of ideas: 

  • Incentivize employees to attend HSA webinars/seminars that “sell” the benefits of HSAs to employees. Enter them into a gift card drawing linked to attendance. 
  • Encourage management to discuss HSAs in their department/staff meetings – hearing messages by peers that employees know and trust has the most impact on change. 
  • Form an insurance and/or wellness committee to create deep roots within the organization to spread targeted messages peer to peer. 
  • Host a Health Fair (invite dependents as well) and invite your HSA vendor to host a table. 
  • Create an Intranet site that can house how-to-use tutorials, claim forms, etc. 
  • Employ transactional customized and personalized email campaigns that are sent to employees’ work, personal address and even their dependents, utilizing brief videos and best practices, such as optimizing preview text, following the 5 second rule and begin the series with encouraging words from the CEO. 
  • Create transactional video email campaigns that are aimed at getting people to take a desired action and will follow the 5 stages of successful behavior change format, i.e. precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. 
  • Send out surveys to employees/dependents that ask questions such as, “Why aren’t you contributing to your HSA” and “What information are you missing as it relates to HSAs?” 
  • Send text messages – 98% of people open and read their text messages. This is also an option for those without email addresses. Like email campaigns, text messages will follow texting best practices, i.e. get permission, send during normal business hours, provide an exit. 
  • Use social media, i.e. Facebook groups that market initiatives to drive awareness and meet employees where they spend time online. 
  • Do some digital advertising such as sponsored ads marketing desired actions. 
  • Hang posters and/or distribute flyers around the office or break room for those employees who don’t use technology. 

*Note: Be cognizant of non-English speaking employees and provide communication to reach them as well. 

Final thoughts, if you can make HSAs sound like fun and games, do that! Communicate to the employees using quiz questions, trivia contests, insert amusing pictures, anything to help grab the attention of the audience.