One Healthcare Management Process—Why It’s Important

I’m going to go ahead and apologize straight out of the gates. I’m sorry, but this article is going to be more salesy than what I normally write. Not because I’m desperately trying to sell you something and get you to buy my shiny toy, but because the subject matter deals very closely with what we do. But it’s an important topic. It’s healthcare management.

Now that I’ve apologized to you, and you’ve forgiven me, let’s look at my company Trig. Trig is what we call “one healthcare management process”. It’s a single platform that combines all your healthcare information and explains it so that every single person in your organization can understand it and can properly deploy their knowledge in a healthcare situation. Our online dashboard links you to all of the best cost saving tools, like tele-medicine and price comparison websites. We even work with HR and company leadership to provide onsite communications (think physical marketing) to reinforce healthcare messaging.

And why do we do this? We believe in having one healthcare management process, one platform and one way of managing everything healthcare related. We live in a time of extremely complex care treatment. Because, less than 12% of people are able to properly understand things like a diagnosis or a treatment plan.

How You’re Currently Communicating

You’ve got a lot of vendors

If you’re like most companies, you’ve probably got a healthcare plan (that’s provided through one insurance carrier). You’ve got a health account company (someone that manages an HRA or an HSA), a wellness company, a payroll vendor, a dental plan, a tele-health company and a whole slew of other products. That’s a lot of websites and customer portals to log into.

All of your vendors are communicating their own agendas (i.e. poor healthcare management)

Each of those companies listed above is going to be sending out individual communications to your employees. That’s what I’d call “noise”. If everybody opened up every email, and did what they were supposed to do, your health plan would consequently be a lot cheaper. I guarantee it. But how can anybody sort through that much information?

Each product has a learning curve 

Big or small, easy or hard, everything that your employees have access to is probably going to take some getting used to. You’ve also got to remember how to use each website and even that you have access to it in the first place. Healthcare is generally very complex, and the amount of vendors that we have to help us is adding complexity.

We’ve been in the healthcare benefits game for a while and have seen how this stuff impacts costs and outcomes. That’s why we developed Trig, one platform, one voice, and one place for people to go to.

What we do

We communicate everything 

Employees get updates, notifications and messages about all of their products, and how to use them. Its holistic in nature and people know where to turn to.

We provide one place for people to go to 

I can promise you that your employees don’t remember that you’ve even purchased half of your benefits. By providing one place for people to visit, they know exactly what they have. They know that the benefit exists and they know how to use it.

We attack health literacy 

Or lack thereof – First of all, people have a hard time getting healthcare. Purely and simply. Trig explains everything in plain language and make it easy for people to do their homework. More on that here.

We spend a lot of time combing the market and understanding why healthcare is growing more expensive and consequently achieving poorer outcomes. We take what we’ve learned and apply it to our customer-facing platform. It’s as simple as that.

We improve health literacy